Symfony Development

Symfony Based Websites and Web Applications for Multiple Domains and Industry Verticals

Symfony is a PHP based framework that is highly acknowledged for its flexibility. In fact, one can also use Symfony for developing robust social networking sites. Open Eshore is a well-known Symfony Development Company offering a range of open source customization solutions at affordable rates. We have been customizing Symfony framework for our global clients since years. Our team also specializes in offering Open Source Development services.

Our dedicated Symfony programmers offer complete assistance in installing, configuring and implement Symfony for your online presence. Further, to extend the functionality of your Symfony website or web application, we even offer integration services wherein we integrate third party applications into your website so that your improve its overall efficiency. We have successfully undertaken a number of Framework Application Development projects for businesses of diverse statures.

Why use Symfony PHP Framework?

  • Symfony is based on the MVC coding structure. Due to this structure, the overall application development time is reduced significantly and also the entire process becomes a lot easier.
  • Impressive cache management features help cut down bandwidth usage and server load.
  • Authentication and credential features help in creating restricted sections and user security management.
  • Symfony is search engine optimized. Thanks to feature like routing and smart URLs which make the page address an important part of the interface.
  • In-built e-mail and API management features
  • Automated pagination, sorting, and filtering.
  • Symfony is in compliance with the latest Web 2.0 and W3C requirements.

Our Symfony Framework Development Services

  • Symfony Website Development

    Our team of dedicated Symfony website developers carefully understands your online branding requirements and according carve out the best website. We lay equal emphasis on the front end and back end feature of Symfony websites. Moreover, we can even help you integrate your website with popular social media like Facebook and Twitter in order to promote your business in an affordable manner. We also develop social networking websites using Symfony framework.
  • Symfony Customization

    Customization is important if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. We offer all sorts of Symfony Customization solutions for Symfony websites, web applications, themes and templates. Using Symfony together with AJAX, our professional Symfony web developers can build highly interactive Symfony websites which are sure to woo your target audience. We always adopt a strategic approach towards implementing Symfony Programming projects.
  • Symfony MVC Framework Development using PHP 5

    Symfony follows the MVC coding patter like all other PHP based frameworks. This helps reduce overall application development time and moreover the entire process becomes a lot easier. Our dedicated Symfony Developers are experts in using PHP 5 for developing scalable Symfony solutions for businesses. We also offer bug free Symfony coding services.
  • Symfony Theme Development

    Need W3C valid and search engine optimized themes for Symfony website? Our Symfony theme developers have years of experience in designing Symfony themes and templates. We make sure that the Symfony themes don't add to the loading time of your website. Apart from this our Symfony templates can be switched as per your business needs. Further, we design beautiful themes that are consistent across platforms and browsers.
  • Symfony PHP Development

    Our team specializes in building dynamic websites using PHP and Symfony. We also build PHP Symfony Web Applications for diverse businesses across industry verticals. The PHP Symfony websites developed by our team are SEO friendly, cross browser compatible and visually appealing. You can also hire dedicated PHP Symfony developers from us for different requirements.
  • Symfony Application Development

    Web application development has been one of our core offerings since our beginning. Our experienced Symfony application developers UK can build secured and scalable web applications using PHP 5. We do the necessary application testing once it's developed. Herein we do the functionality testing, quality testing, security testing and overall testing. We make sure that the Symfony applications London developed by us are bug free.
    • Business Applications
    • Improving existing Symfony Applications
    • Application Audit
    • De-bugging Services for Web Applications
  • Symfony Support, Maintenance & Upgradation

    We help keep your Symfony websites and applications stay updated with our upgradation services. This will offer many benefits such as improved features, bug fixes, better interactivity and good search engine rankings. We help you keep your website free from any technical errors. In case you need any support or maintenance service relating to PHP Symfony, feel free to get in touch with us.
  • Symfony Custom Component Development

    Symfony Components are packages of logic that are shared between controllers. Some of the Symfony components are YAML, Event Dispatcher, Templating, Request Handler and Dependency Injection. We can develop and customize Symfony components that will make your existing website even more productive. Our team uses the latest technology for developing Symfony custom components.