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Easy to use Social Networking Applications with Intuitive User Interface

It’s hard for us to escape the enthralling nature of Web 2.0. And, to simply put it Web 2.0 means sharing. Social networking is something which we all are aware of and do so in our day to day life. Web 2.0 comprises of social networking. It is ubiquitous. Well, we at Open Eshore, help you join the social networking bandwagon by building customized social networks and social network applications for you. As a Social Application Development India Company, we offer the best open source Social Networking Applications development services at affordable rates.

Our team is expert in customizing the popular open source social platforms. Being one of the leading open source software development services providers, Open Eshore has experience in developing custom made social networking applications for its clients. The applications developed are tested thoroughly in order to eliminate errors and security loopholes. We have a special and dedicated quality assurance team working day in and out to churn out impeccable social networking applications.

Open Source Social Software Applications Development Services

At Open Eshore, we offer innovative and interactive social networking applications development solutions exclusively to fulfill your requirement. Our team of open source developers has profound knowledge in integrating social networks with third party technology platforms. We also offer solutions involving mobile applications development for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The best part is you can hire open source developers from us whenever you need and according to your convenience. We help you build customized networks for schools, colleges, corporates, universities, communities and lot more. And, in case you have your own social network, and want to customize it further, we are always there to serve you.

Open Source Social Networking Software we customize

  • Dolphin

    A well known social networking application on the web it is easily downloadable and scalable. Dolphin comes with varying features that offer you great customization options. One can use it to develop social networking sites and other niche sites. It is a comprehensive bundle of PHP community scripts, Flash apps and Mobile apps providing full control, freedom, as well as flexibility.
  • Anahitapolis

    With you can develop remarkable social networking sites and interact with people. It lets you build powerful business social apps that can take your business to a whole new level. Anahitapolis is a rapid application development framework that lets you customize have customized apps with reduced coding. It has great features like privacy management, ability to create powerful social networks and intranets, AJAX user interface, profiles that are based on social graphs like registered, public, leaders, followers etc.
  • PHPizabi

    A versatile software, it is meant for building basic-to-advanced communities. PHPizabi is built with PHP / MySQL and has some interesting features like a multilingual interface, mass mailing to users, creating blogs, forum integration and much more. It is basically an open source script powered by PHP. This open source social networking platform was built keeping in mind security of its users. It has got everything that one needs to start a social networking site.
  • Community Engine

    This one is basically a plug-in for Ruby on Rails and offers features like authentication & user profiles, blogs with tagging, photo uploads, forums & private messages, friendships & activity feeds. Community Engine comes with the best blogging features which include moderation, drafts, RSS feeds and categories. Next, you can easily set up discussion forums with moderators, topic monitoring, rich text posting and much more. You can also create your own events with RSVPs, calendar-date-selection, and iCal subscriptions. The best part is that this framework is easily scalable using numerous plug-ins.
  • BuddyPress

    With this one can build a social network for companies, schools, sports communities, or even a personalized community. This application is based on the power and flexibility of WordPress. If you want to convert your WordPress blog into a social networking platform, BuddyPress is the plug-in you should go for. This solution is mainly aimed for schools, companies, sports teams, or any other niche community who want to start their own social network or communication tool.
  • Xoops

    Written in PHP for MySQL database, Xoops is an apt solution for developing small or large community websites, intra-company and corporate portals, web logs, and a lot more. It is released under the GNU General Public License, so any one can modify and use it. Xoops stands for "Extensible Object Oriented Portal System". Xoops uses a relational database such as MySQL for storing data. Administrators can easily set permissions for user access and control of individual elements of their websites. User management features include the abilities to search for users by various criteria, send email and private messages to users through a template-based messaging system.
  • Elgg

    Are you a school or a university thinking of having your own social networking site? Well, Elgg could be the answer to your question. It lets you create your own personalized online social environment. Using the dynamic plug-in API, you can build and add custom features. Further, with Elgg, one can easily manage user accounts and create different entities. Some of the other features include micro blogging, blogging, file sharing and much more.

Social Community Website Development

Need a dedicated website for your social community? Well, come to us at Open Eshore, we assure you that you will be satisfied with our exclusive social community website development services. The social community websites that we develop incorporate the following features -----

  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Professional and Attractive Web Design
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Integrated with blog (as per your requirement)
  • Social media integration
  • Valid XHTML, HTML, CSS mark-ups
  • Consistent look across platforms
Consult our social networking applications development experts and get yourself the best social networking application and social network ever!