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Google base product Auto submit Extension

We developed a brilliant magento extension through which clients can easily automate the task of submitting product to Google. Magento framework has a feature for google base product management, however what happens is that every time a new product is added or gets expired after one month, online merchants have to manually re-submit the products to Google. With our custom Magento Google Base Product Submission Extension, you can automate these tasks and save a lot of time. Using the Magento Extension Upload Google base Product Feed, whenever you add a new product to your online store it automatically gets added to the Google Base. Moreover, the extension also re-submits the products that have expired and updates the products on a daily basis.

Technology used :

Php/Mysql, xhtml

Services Provided :

Magento Development Portfolio

Our Work :

Our developers have customized Magento Google Base Product Auto Submission
  • Automatic submission of new products to Google Base Product Database
  • Upload Google base product automatically to Google every 30 days.
  • Automatic update of products on daily basis so that products get maximum visibility