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With the introduction of programming languages like Php, web development and application development has undoubtedly become easier, simpler and quicker. Thanks to the MVC framework. This allows developers to focus more the development part rather than coding. MVC reduces unnecessary coding that eats up the development time. OpenEShore is a Framework Application Development India Services Provider that specializes in developing and customizing open source frameworks.

Open Source Frameworks are solutions whose code can be customized to suit unique online business needs. Their license is freely available. Anyone can use them for business purposes. Our experienced open source framework developers offer the best php framework development services. We have in-depth knowledge of the MVC pattern which stands for Model, View and Controller. You can outsource framework development projects of any size to our Offshore Development Centre in India. With the help our experienced team and latest technology, we deliver scalable framework development solutions at affordable rates and in less time.

Advantages of using Open Source Frameworks

  • Open source frameworks are the best option if you want to develop Web 2.0 based websites and web applications in a cost-effective manner. These frameworks are freely available; you just need to spend on the development part.
  • Next, customizing open source frameworks is very easy and these can be fine tuned to meet different business needs.
  • Easy to maintain and upgrade.
  • Best part comes now, the open source frameworks are backed by a community of dedicated developers and programmers who constantly strive to improve the features and functionalities.
  • Open source frameworks easily integrate with third party applications and are scalable in nature too.

Open Source Frameworks, We Customize

  • CakePHP

    This is an open source framework used for developing various web applications. It is basically coded in PHP, and distributed under MIT License. CakePHP is a fast application development framework for PHP that employs basic designs patterns such as, MVC, Association Data Mapping, Active Record, and Front Controller. The main motive is to deliver a configuration that allows to the quick creation of rich web applications.
  • Symfony

    It is free software, web application framework coded in PHP that supports the Model-View-Controller paradigm. It is launched under MIT License. Symfony provides the maintenance and development of web applications and replacements of repetitive coding tasks. However it needs some pre-requisites for installation such as, Mac OS, UNIX, Linux along with PHP 5 and web server installed.
  • Zend

    This framework is basically an object-oriented, open source web application framework executed in PHP 5 language and launched under the new BSD License. Zend framework contains a range of features, such as, all the components are E-STRICT, entirely object-oriented, and PHP 5 compliant. It supports a range of database systems and vendors, such as, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, Informix Dynamic Server, PostgreSQL and SQLite.
  • CodeIgniter

    It is an application development framework for developing websites through PHP. It provides simple interface and strong range of libraries for commonly required tasks in order to enable faster development of projects as compared to writing programming codes. CodeIgniter enables the developer to focus on the development project by reducing the quantity of required programming code. It includes a range of features, some of them are: PHP 4 compatible, MVC based system, security and XSS filtering, extremely light weight, Session management, form and data validation, file uploading class, active record database support, FTP class, and many more.
  • Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails popularly known as RoR is based on the MVC coding pattern and follows the Convention over Configuration philosophy. It supports AJAX functionalities and Object Oriented programming too. RoR has been released under the MIT License similar to CakePHP and has brilliant caching system. Further, its online documentation is truly amazing.
  • Yii

    Written in Php5, Yii is most commonly used for rapid web application development. It is inspired by some of the famous web programming frameworks and applications. It has some brilliant features of Prado like its component-based and event-driven programming paradigm, database abstraction layers, modular application architecture, internationalization and localization. It also contains the filter design and plug-in architecture of Symfony. Also, the modular design and message translation scheme is inherited from Joomla. Moreover, Yii has the implementation of the active record design pattern of Ruby on Rail’s ORM layer.
  • Smarty

    Smarty is an open source system written in PHP language. It is a web template system which is easy to use and requires almost little knowledge of PHP. This feature makes smarty the most preferred solution for software development companies, as it allows to deploy quick results. Smarty is considered to be the most popular PHP templating system, because of its several advantages like multiple operating system compatibility and ease of use.

Our Framework Application Development Services include the following

  • Web Development
  • Framework Customization
  • Integration with Third Party Applications
  • Technical Support & Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Business Applications
  • Upgradation
  • Plug-in Development
  • Custom Theme/Template Designing
  • Module Customization
  • E-commerce Development
  • Shopping Cart Development
  • And lot more as per your needs…


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