MODX Development

Have outstanding websites with MODX CMS for the changing needs of your business enterprise

Managing the content of a website can be daunting task if you don’t have a fully-featured content management system in place. MODX is an open source Web 2.0 based content management system that is powered by Php programming language. It allows owners to manage and control website content in a seamless manner, thereby saving valuable time & money. Today, there are more than hundred thousand websites and web applications that run on the powerful MODX content management system. OpenEShore is a professional ModX CMS Development company offering complete ModX customization solutions at affordable prices. We develop highly robust and dynamic content management systems based on MODX, for different organizations.

Our MODX web design solutions are simply second to none. Having spent years in the web development industry has helped us get an insight into the different requirements of our clients based across industry verticals and multiple domains. Our MODX developers have sufficient knowledge about the MODX CMS Development platform including its features & functionalities. We offer complete technical assistance in installing and implementing MODX CMS Framework for your online business presence. Our Offshore Development Centre in India is well-equipped to undertake complex MODX Development and ModX Customization projects for our global clients.

Why do organizations and developers prefer the MODX CMS Development Platform?

  • MODX is absolutely safe and secured for powering cms driven websites. It protects your site from SQL injections.
  • Backed by a dedicated community of developers who constantly work to enhance the MODX framework.
  • Its search engine optimization features are simply unmatched allowing you to get good page rankings.
  • One can easily edit the content from the front end of a MODX CMS website.
  • Has in-built support for rich text editors.
  • Website owners can create, edit and manage their website content anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.
  • 100% customizable and flexible. MODX CMS has an excellent intuitive user interface.

Our MODX CMS Development Portfolio

  • MODX Development

    CMS Development is one area in which we are absolutely unmatched. Our MODX Development solutions are not only affordable but also best in terms of quality. We design and develop excellent MODX driven cms websites which are equipped with brilliant content management features and functionalities. Moreover, we carefully work on the graphics, menus, navigation, and layout of your cms website so that your users get the best browsing experience.
  • MODX Application Development

    MODX is considered to be one of the most preferred platforms for developing AJAX based php applications that are quite dynamic in nature. Our MODX application development solutions take into account your CMS Application Development needs and business demands. The MODX CMS applications powered by AJAX and Php are easy to maintain, upgrade and scalable to help you adapt to the varying needs of your industry. Before delivering the MODX cms application to our clients, we make sure that these are well tested for performance, scalability, quality, reliability and security.
  • MODX Customization

    We also offer MODX customization solutions wherein we develop amazing cms websites based on MODX exclusively for your organization. Our developers strongly believe that with each business the cms development need differs. They have the expertise to fine tune MODX CMS so that you can quickly manage website content and update it. We even develop custom web applications using MODX Development platform. Besides, these if you have an existing MODX cms website and would like to customize it further, we help integrate third party applications into it.
  • MODX Template/Theme Development

    MODX CMS offers complete flexibility to template developers in terms of template development and designing. Website owners can easily transform the appeal of their MODX CMS Website right from the admin panel by changing templates as per different occasions. Our professional MODX template designers excel in offering custom template designing solutions. The ModX templates and themes crafted by our creative designers allow you to establish a long lasting online brand presence. We make sure that the templates are optimized for page loading time, cross browser compatible and even search engine optimized.
  • MODX Module Development

    Modules help add new as well as unique features to your website. We offer complete MODX Module Development solutions ranging from installation to integration. Based on our clients’ requirements, we even offer custom MODX Module Development solutions in less time. We guarantee 100% bug free and high performance MODX modules that will help customize the front end as well as back end functionality of your MODX cms website. We develop modules for photo galleries, seo, permalinks, monitoring traffic, custom manager extensions, charting, reporting and many more.
  • MODX Technical Support & Maintenance

    In case you feel your MODX CMS website is not functioning in the manner intended, all you need to do is just send us a maintenance request to our team. You can easily get in touch with our experts as per your convenience. They will help you update features, functionalities, content, themes, templates, do security check and much more. We even offer migration solutions, wherein our migration experts help transfer your existing cms website to the MODX framework.
  • White Label Development

    This is perhaps one of our most unique solutions. White label development solutions are specifically designed for those of you who don’t have sufficient resources to get quick MODX CMS Development solutions. Also, in white label development, we lay equal emphasis on both the creative as well as the technical side of your cms development project. Basically our white label development services cater to projects which need to be completed in short span of time without compromising on quality levels.
  • Hire MODX CMS Developer

    Clients can hire skilled MODX Developers from us based on their needs and requirements. You can hire professional MODX Developers on full time, part time, monthly, hourly or contractual basis. At OpenEShore, we make it a point to train our MODX CMS Developers on a periodic basis so that they are well versed with the latest features of MODX CMS versions. We also offer the facility to hire an entire team of MODX CMS Developers.
Once we understand your cms development requirements, we accordingly match the skill sets of our developers with your project needs. We deploy the best cms developers for your project so that the end result is absolutely outstanding and extraordinary. Our MODX CMS Developers are professional, dedicated and disciplined. They will never hesitate to walk an extra mile for our clients. Our team will strategically implement your MODX CMS Development project to ensure timely completion.