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High quality Magento Integration Services to boost the productivity of your Magento Online Store

Magento as an open source e-commerce platform is widely acknowledged for its flexibility to integrate with third party applications and open source software. At OpenEShore, we offer scalable Magento Integration solutions to improve the overall efficiency of your magento online store. As a professional Magento E-commerce Development company, we have with us the best magento experts in the industry who offer client centric magento integration services in the shortest possible time.

Our magento experts carefully analyze your e-commerce business and offer solutions that specifically fulfil the needs of your business enterprise. We offer complete magento integration solutions at affordable rates with quick turnaround time. Besides, we also provide Magento Customization, technical support & maintenance solutions on 24x7x365 basis. Feel free to communicate your e-commerce needs to us and see how well we transform your online business in quick time.

We offer the following Magento Integration Solutions

  • Magento CMS Integration

    We offer the best Magento CMS Integration services, wherein we integrate your magento online store with open source content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Typo3. With this integration, you can have a shared login functionality of Magento and open source CMS, display of Magento products in CMS, utilize the member and lead database in both Magento and open source CMS, and also share sessions. We offer the best Magento wordpress blog integration services too.
  • Magento CRM Integration

    CRM tools allow you to streamline customer data and reduce operational costs. With our Magento CRM Integration solutions you can synchronize magento online store data with powerful open source crm software such as SugarCRM and vTigerCRM. We also help you streamline marketing campaigns and track product wise sales in a more effective manner. Our domain expertise in CRM integration is such that the full operational features and functionalities of Magento are enhanced to work in unison with the CRM systems.
  • Magento Payment Gateway Integration

    Magento supports more than 50 payment gateways, which allow your customers to make online payments in the most secured manner. We customize payment gateways exclusively for your magento online store and carefully integrate it with shopping carts. Hire Magento Developers from us for your payment gateway requirements and they will do the needful for you.
  • Magento QuickBooks Integration

    QuickBooks is popular accounting software that allows to efficiently manage payroll, inventory, sales and other needs of a small sized business. Magento QuickBooks Integration is a Store Manager for Magento add-on which allows exporting Magento products, customers and orders from store to QuickBooks. It can harmonize product and customer information between an online store and an accounting package, thus ensuring that order data are correctly assigned to the proper accounts.
  • Magento Google Analytics Integration

    Our Magento Google Analytics Integration solutions allow you to analyze your website traffic in the most comprehensive manner. Google Analytics is a great and free business intelligence tool from Google that gives you a complete picture about your web traffic which in turn can help you improve overall magento store.
  • Magento Google Maps Integration

    Google Map integration is a remarkable way to not only inform your visitors of where you are located, but also get indexed by Google, often on the first page of search results as a local business listing. Your store gets a global exposure and another interesting point is that your customers can find your store through searches made from thousands of web based applications and various devices (e.g. iPhone App's, Mobile Phones).
  • Magento Social Media Integration

    Integrating your magento online store with social networking sites is an important marketing strategy through which online merchants can increase their customer base. Here are some of the magento social media integration solutions we offer -
    • Magento Facebook Integration - This includes adding a Facebook ‘Like’ button to an online store’s product pages to allow customers to show their appreciation for individual products. It also includes integrating a widget of the latest news from a store’s Facebook profile. Apart from this we can also help you include other Facebook social buttons like Share, Recommend etc.
    • Magento Twitter Integration - Twitter with Magento integration can be used in various value added ways to publish information that allows store owners to stay connected with customers and website visitors.
  • Magento ERP Integration

    We also offer high performance Magento ERP integration solutions through which you can streamline all functions like accounting, human resources, supply chain management, materials management, production management etc under one head. We can integrate Magento with ERP applications like –
    • AccountView
    • Compiere
    • JFire
    • OpenTaps
    • OpenBravo
    • OpenERP
    • Lot more as per your business needs
  • Magento Shipping Integration

    We help in having your own customized setting of your shipping rates in Magento. Our service helps in setting up the following shipping methods to your Magento store as per your requirement.
    • UPS (United Parcel Service) - United Parcel Service-Html based connection and United Parcel Service XML- XML based connection
    • USPS
    • FedEx
    • DHL
    • Table rate - Table Rates can be set up in 3 different ways viz., weight and destination, price and destination and the number of items and destination.
  • Magento Forum Integration

    Forums have emerged as the best tools for making your online store and e-commerce websites more interactive and innovative in nature. It gives an opportunity to your customers to provide valuable feedback allowing you to improve your product offerings. We can integrate the following open source forums into your magento store –
    • BBPress
    • MiniBB
    • vBulletin
    • IceBB
    • PhpBB
    • Vanilla
  • Magento Third Party Application Integration

    Our Magento Third Party Application Integration solutions allow you to reduce time consuming tasks such as data entry, import/export orders and much more. Here are some of the solutions we offer as a part of our third party application integration services -
    • Magento Mail Order Manager Integration
    • Magento UPS WorldShip Integration
    • Magento DPD DELISprint Integration
    • Magento DATEV Integration
    • Magento Mailchimp Integration
    • Magento Royal Mail RMDMO Integration
    • Magento Lexware warenwirtschaft pro / premium & Faktura+Auftrag Integration
    • Magento Order Export Module Integration
    • Magento Unifaun Sweden Integration
    • Magento TNT (PostNL) Parcelware Integration
  • Magento PayPal Integration

    PayPal is considered to be one of the most secured ways for making online payments. Our magento experts have extensive experience in integrating Magento with PayPal. The Magento PayPal Integration solution is the best option for online merchants whose e-commerce websites do not have payment gateway or merchant account. Using our customized magento PayPal integration services you can quickly receive your payments in the safest manner.
  • Magento Amazon Integration

    We assist our clients in integrating their Magento online stores with Amazon. Using these services, you can easily upload products from your store to Amazon without leaving the admin panel. Further, one can also upload new products with images into the Amazon catalogue. Our services will help you manage orders from the back end area of the Magento online store.
  • Magento eBay Integration

    We integrate the two most powerful platforms, Magento and eBay in the most seamless manner. Our solutions will allow you to create and manage product listings in the most efficient manner. Apart from this, you can also streamline stocks, inventory and import transactions into eBay platform. You can also access activity logs from your admin panel, customize settings and much more.
  • Magento Template Integration

    We also offer magento template integration including Magento Web Design integration services, wherein we integrate ready-made templates into your magento online store. Besides this, we even design custom magento themes/templates from scratch and install these. We make sure that the magento templates integrated are optimized for page loading time and also search engine optimized. In case you have an existing magento template and would like to enhance its appeal, then we offer the best magento template enhancement services too.


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