ERP Solution

Turnaround the Productivity of your Business with our World Class Open Source ERP Solutions

Businesses, day after day, are becoming more complex. However with advanced technologies, all the business functions can be easily and quickly managed. In recent years, open source ERP systems have garnered immense popularity for these have helped businesses streamline different day to day operations in the most profitable manner. Open Eshore offers outstanding ERP Software Solutions based on the needs of your business enterprise. As a professional Open Source Development Company, we have hands-on-experience in working with Open Source ERP Software Applications.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced open source ERP developers who have the knack of quickly understanding different business requirements. We have been successfully implementing ERP software for business across industry verticals and multiple domains. Whatever be your requirement, we have the technology and technical expertise to offer wonderful Business ERP solutions at highly affordable prices. We strive to deliver the finest ERP solutions to our clients and never hesitate to walk an extra mile for them.

How can an ERP solution help your business?

  • Help remove bottlenecks that hamper your business productivity
  • Reduction in day to day operational expenses
  • Helps managers make quick and better business decisions
  • Better co-ordinations among teams which adds value to your business
  • Makes your business responsive to the changing needs of your industry
  • Improved return on investment
  • Resolve customer queries quickly and help increase their satisfaction levels

Our Open Source ERP Solutions Package

  • ERP Software Installation & Configuration

    Our team of technical experts offer the best technical assistance in installing and configuring ERP software applications. They help implement top ERP software systems exactly in the manner our clients want. We even offer intense training on using the different features of an ERP software. Our domain expertise in offering ERP solutions is simply unmatched and second to none. Our open source ERP experts strategically implement ERP projects so that you can get the desired results quickly.
  • ERP Software Customization

    Want to customize your existing ERP software? Well, you are at the right place. We specialize in offering reliable ERP software customization solutions. Our experts initially understand your enterprise needs and requirements and accordingly offer customization solutions. We also offer recommendations for customizing particular functionalities so that you can get the best out of your ERP system. We firmly believe that you business enterprise is unique and has different ERP requirements. Based on this philosophy we offer custom ERP software solutions.
  • Technical support & maintenance of ERP Software

    We offer round the year technical support and periodic maintenance solutions to ensure the smooth running of your ERP software. Our experts also help optimize its performance so that you can enhance your day to day business processes. We also provide emergency troubleshooting services, in case some complex technical issue arises for your ERP software application. Just send us a maintenance request and our ERP experts will quickly look into the matter and get back to you.

Some of the ERP Software Applications we customize for our global clients

  • Compiere

    Compiere is open source business ERP software that can be easily fine tuned to meet diverse business needs. We help implement Compiere in the most synchronized manner and in quick time. It is a cloud based ERP solution offering rich features and functionalities. It can help you automate manufacturing processes and even help in warehouse management. In case you want to integrate Compiere with other applications, it can be done easily, thanks to its Service Oriented Architecture. If you want to cut down infrastructure costs significantly, Compiere can prove to be an effective solution for your business.
  • ERP5

    Based on Python and Zope, ERP5 is one of the most popular and highly used open source ERP solutions. ERP5 seamlessly integrates all your business processes and even offer e-commerce features for online order management too. This ERP software has got a unique and intuitive design and uses a document oriented approach which represents the flows of information with a unified business model. It is known for its consistency and robustness.
  • OpenPro

    Another powerful open source ERP software application, OpenPro is an entirely web based ERP system. Whether you are a small business enterprise or large organization, OpenPro can be perfectly fine-tuned to meet your business objectives. It offers powerful finance, distribution, manufacturing, e-commerce, work-flow, document, CRM management features. It can run on any operating system environment. OpenPro has got a unique e-commerce functionality whereby you can easily process credit card information in the most secured manner for your customers and clients.
  • OpenERP

    Initially known as TinyERP, OpenERP is an integrated enterprise resource planning software to meet the growing needs of your business enterprise. It is a good alternative to Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP. OpenERP has separate client and server components. The server runs separately from the client. It handles the business logic and communicates with the database application. The client presents information to users and allows them to inter-operate with the server. OpenERP uses PostgreSQL as its database management system.
  • OpenBravo

    A web based and agile ERP software, OpenBravo, has an intuitive UI from where you can a complete control over your entire business functions. OpenBravo comes in three editions namely community, basic and professional. Out of these community edition is available free of cost, however for others you need to shell out money. OpenBravo is an excellent business intelligence tool that can help you stay ahead of your competitors. It is a comprehensive business management tool with Point of Sale (POS) integration.

Our ERP Solutions help businesses in streamlining the following functions

  • Accounting Management
  • Product Design Management
  • Finance Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Production Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Sales Promotion
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management